Tiger Adjusters Increases Insurance Settlement by 3,200%

Tiger Adjusters Increases Insurance Settlement by 3,200%

Ted Patestos
March 6, 2024
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Setting the Scene

In August 2021, Hurricane Ida tore through Louisiana leaving many with significant and even catastrophic damage. The storm impacted long-time USAA policy holders Linda and Jon Davis, an elderly couple in their seventies.

After filing a claim with USAA, the Davises believed they would receive a fair amount for the damages. After all, Jon had served for 35 years in the United States military. However, they received such a low settlement amount that they were unable to fix the damages. 

The Davis’ carrier offered them a settlement of only $1,300. This amount was not nearly enough to pay for new drywall, insulation and carpeting, and other interior repairs that were needed.

Additional Factors

Linda called her insurance adjuster three times per week to get more information about why their settlement was so small, and ask if there had been some mistake. But she rarely was able to reach an insurance adjuster for USAA, often leaving voicemails that went unreturned. Even when she did connect with a person to speak about the claim, nobody seemed willing to help.

The couple was living on a fixed income from Social Security without a financial cushion to fall back on. Additionally, Jon was experiencing severe health issues during the time period of their insurance claim. Living in an uninsulated home during the winter made his condition worse and he had to be admitted to the hospital.

The Public Adjuster Solution

A licensed [1] representative of Tiger Adjusters (formerly known as Smart Claims Public Adjusting), Ted Patestos, conducted an assessment of the property.

The seasoned public adjuster was able to pinpoint common issues with the claim right away. Using technology including moisture meters, aerial drones and 3D scanners, he collected evidence of the damage. The Tiger Adjusters team systematically compiled the data and images to account for a more accurate estimate of the damage.

Tiger Adjusters determined that the Davis’ condo had sustained over $100,000 in damage — drastically more than they had received.

With the damage assessment and documentation in hand, Tiger Adjusters pursued additional settlement money for the Davises. The public adjuster represented Linda and Jon in talks with USAA [2] and kept them informed throughout the process. After over 41 calls and emails regarding the claim, the insurance carrier was prepared to change its offer.

The Outcome

After negotiations with Tiger Adjusters, USAA agreed to pay the Davises their maximum policy limit of approx. $43,000 and cover $8,700 in additional living expenses. This was a massive increase of 3,200% from their initial offer. 

“They’re miracle workers,” Linda Davis said of Tiger Adjusters. “Without them, I’d still be calling and trying to beg to speak to somebody to get some kind of information” (Paterson, 2022).

Tiger Adjusters offered a deeply discounted rate to assist the Davises in honor of Jon's service.

Earning Our Stripes

At Tiger Adjusters, making you whole after a covered loss is our top priority. Need help negotiating a fair settlement on your insurance claim? Let’s talk. 



[1] All members of the Tiger Adjusters team are licensed and bonded in their state of operation.

[2] Please note: Tiger Adjusters will never communicate on your behalf without a signed agreement in place. Public adjusters have a duty to act in the policy holder's financial best interest.


Paterson, B. (2022, January 8). Low-balled by insurer, Louisiana couple turns to public adjusters after Ida: 'They're miracle workers'. The Advocate. Retrieved from: https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/article_ecffc6a4-70a3-11ec-91df-5f58597c3b10.html

Photography by Chris Granger

Ted Patestos
Based on research and first-hand experience within the claims industry, Ted Patestos developed system methodologies and invested in various software platforms to reduce claim friction to enhance the public adjusting industry and increase value to consumers and fellow adjusters.


When should I hire a Public Adjuster?
When should I hire a Public Adjuster?
Minor damage does not normally require a Public Adjuster. But for significant insurance claims, such as roof damage, flooding, or fire, or when you feel the insurance company isn't playing fair, it's wise to bring on a Public Adjuster.
Can I hire a Public Adjuster after I've settled with my insurance?
Can I hire a Public Adjuster after I've settled with my insurance?
Yes, especially if you feel you've been shortchanged. Negotiations can be reopened.
Do Public Adjusters work for insurance companies?
Do Public Adjusters work for insurance companies?
No, they work for you, the policyholder.
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