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Public Adjusters get more money for covered repairs.

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As a contractor, your work is typically the final step for an insured homeowner on the path to recovery after a covered loss. But what do you do when your client’s settlement isn’t nearly enough to pay for the bid you provided? Connect them with Tiger Adjusters to get the claim outcome they deserve.

Insurance companies often underpay even undisputed damages. When the time comes to complete repairs, the insured may find the settlement is far less than what is required to complete the work. Ultimately, you get caught between a frustrated client and a stingy carrier. 

A Tiger Adjusters representative can legally negotiate the claim for the policyholder. This approach provides your client with expert representation and benefits you by ensuring you receive fair and timely payment for your work. It can be the most effective way to fully cover all damages within your bid. Plus, your clients will love you for being ready with a solution.

Tiger Adjusters is the partner your clients can count on.

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Leverage Tiger Adjusters'

Expertise & services

By having direct access to a licensed public adjuster, you can take advantage of Tiger Adjusters expertise and services to advocate for the policyholder and champion their claim.

Review policy

Free policy review

Tiger Adjusters provides a free insurance policy review and consultation session to answer any of your questions or concerns.

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Free property inspections

Tiger Adjusters offers free property inspections and re-inspections. We gather evidence, including photos and video, to document damages. 

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a licensed claim guide

With Tiger Adjusters, you have an experienced guide to help answer questions throughout the claims process.

Tiger Adjusters settlement offer

full representation

When you sign with Tiger Adjusters, we handle the filing of a claim and all additional paperwork, plus negotiation of the claim.

Public Adjusters are required by law to be licensed in every state they operate in.

Do Not Support the Practice of

Unauthorized Public Adjusting

States like Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Virginia, and North Dakota passed bills that limit who can negotiate property claim damage on behalf of the policyholder.

Depending on the state, the bill makes the unlicensed practice of public adjusting a felony that can result in a prison sentence of up to two years. Contractors are not trained to negotiate a claim, nor are they licensed public adjusters.

Stay compliant and leverage licensed Tiger Adjusters to help maximize an insurance claim.

Every Tiger Adjuster is licensed in the state they operate in.

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