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Our Approach to Claims

When property damage or loss occurs, Tiger Adjusters takes care of your insurance claim. Our team empathizes with what you’re going through and we’ll handle your claim as if it were our own. We’ll provide the guidance and support you need to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.


3 Steps


Tiger Adjusters knows that filing a claim is not a part of your everyday routine. Our dedicated claims team will help relieve the stress through these three steps.

Tiger Adjusters Representative


As licensed Public Adjusters, we help to manage the administrative burden by evaluating your policy and answering any questions you may have.


Next we conduct an inspection using innovative technology to provide an accurate damage assessment. This evidence provides a strong case for a policyholder's claim and is a key part of the claim preparation.


Once the claim has been submitted, we help to expedite the claims process through insurance company red-tape by negotiating the maximum damage settlement covered by your policy.

Tiger Adjuster Representative
On average, a Tiger Adjuster makes 41 calls and emails to the insurance carrier per claim

Order of Operations

Tiger Adjusters carefully manages every step of your claim, following these guidelines along the way.
Tiger Adjusters Representative

Pick a location

Review our nationwide locations and reach out to whichever team is within the state of the damaged property and nearest to it.

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Adjuster assigned

A dedicated licensed Public Adjuster will be assigned to your claim.

Tiger Adjusters letter of representation

Letter of Representation

As soon as a policyholder signs a Letter of Representation, Tiger Adjusters is authorized to act on the behalf of the policy holder.

Review policy

Review Policy

The first step your licensed Public Adjuster will do is evaluate your policy and provide information and answer any questions you may have. If a claim has already been filed by yourself, your adjuster will review what has already been filed.

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Schedule & Conduct an Inspection

Next Tiger Adjusters starts communicating to the insurance carrier and will either conduct an inspection, or review a prior inspection to see if it was correctly conducted.

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New Claim Estimate

From there your Public Adjuster will scope the loss and write a new estimate to cover all damages that gets submitted to the insurance carrier.

Icon: Policy Funds

Settlement Negotiated

Tiger Adjusters provides services until either the insurance carrier settles a claim or an attorney is brought in for legal representation.


Tiger Adjusters advocates for


Most homeowners have never read their insurance policy in its entirety. When a loss occurs, the stress of making a property damage claim without a clear understanding of coverage can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, our Public Adjusters are ready to make sure your insurance company plays fair and will fight for the protection you paid for with your premiums. We believe your time and energy are better spent getting your life back to normal for you and your family. Trust our team to take the lead on your claim and get you a fair settlement. 

  • No out of pocket expenses — our fees are paid from the insurance settlement.
  • It’s not too late — we can recover additional funds even if you’ve already received a payment. 

Tiger Adjusters works hard to make you whole.

More for Homeowners

Tiger Adjusters advocates for

Commercial property owners

When a weather disaster or catastrophic event unfolds, damage can impact your bottom line and the ensuing chaos can threaten the viability of your investments and even your passive income. 

As an experienced commercial property owner, you know that the likelihood of a loss occurring is high and that each instance requires an urgent response. Having Tiger Adjusters on speed dial can help safeguard your property portfolio’s value.

  • Coordinate with your property manager/property management company or facility director, as needed. 
  • Protect your commercial property with proactive property inspections — don’t leave money on the table.

Tiger Adjusters maximizes your claim in a timely manner.

More for Commercial Property Owners

types of claims

Weather Icon: Hail


Oh, hail-no. Hailstorms can cause major damage to your roof and property. Our experienced Public Adjusters work to evaluate and document difficult to detect damage.
Weather Icon: Wind


Tornados, hurricanes, and high-winds cause damage ranging from a few missing shingles to total losses. We help maximize your insurance claim according to your RCV or ACV policy.
Weather Icon: Flood and Water damage


Our team pursues settlements for all types of water damage, and these claims can be complicated. Whether it's storms, burst pipes, or flooding, we'll help to resolve your claim.
Weather Icon: Fire Damage


Fire and smoke can cause cosmetic and structural property damage, in addition to destroying belongings. We evaluate the full value of the loss.

Each year, 1 in every 20 insured homes file an insurance claim with 98% involving property damage.
(Insurance Information Institute, 2021. Claim average from 2017-2021.)

Tiger Adjusters works with policyholders to recover fully damages for  insured homeowners

A Top-Rated Public Adjuster Company


4.8 star Google rating

Contacted Smart Claims [now Tiger Adjusters] to help with my replacement roof claim through my insurance.Ted and his team were very thorough with their inspection and managed to get me a more than fair settlement for the needed repairs that the insurance adjuster had completely missed. If you need help with your claim that comes with good solid advice & someone to handle an insurance company, contact these guys, you will not be disappointed.

Tony Mcginley | Houston, TX

Steve and his team at Smart Claims [now Tiger Adjusters] helped us get all we deserved for our claim. Little effort on our part with an extremely high-yielding return. Highly professional and timely. I strongly recommend Smart Claims [now Tiger Adjusters]; you will not regret it!

Sherry Ashworth | Fort Lauderdale, FL

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